A special moment – a simple sandwich

Thursdays are busy.Gourmet at Home Balsamic Caramelised Onions On Sandwich

We bustle out the door in the early morning light headed for swimming lessons where my kids bob eagerly about in the pool wearing brightly patterned swimming caps and I play tennis with my eyes catching glimpses of their progress whilst I chat with friendly mums.  A towel off, a quick change, and into the car for “special drink”.  This is a weekly post swimming highlight for my kids – to me it’s just chilled weakly mixed Alchemy Cordials Love (Rose Petal and Lime) Cordial I mix up at home and pack into a drink bottle of each child’s choosing, but to them it’s something entirely more magical.

I have a handful of memories and tastes that I really savor from my childhood; the buttery brown sugar and sultana mix that I used to put inside baked apples (possibly the first thing I cooked entirely on my own), the filling that was inside the strawberry crepes at the local cafe, fried ice cream with caramel topping, the warm Milo that Mum would make when we were woken in the middle of the night to take a long car journey somewhere.  None of them are spectacular gourmet delights – but to me, as a child, they were wonderful.  They formed part of a memory.  I hope that our special after swimming drink becomes such a memory for my children.

Delight over the special drink fills the car air all the way to Play Group and the cool drink and a piece of fruit refresh my children for the two hours of fun and chaos that follow.  Then, clutching the results of our Play Group craft session, we head home with spirits still high but energy waning.  We don’t have long before we need to be back out the door for soccer, so as soon as we get home it’s a wholesome sandwich for the kids, and then into bed for a rest.

I have many things I need to do whilst they rest – not the least of which is tend to the ever moving sands of paraphernalia and snacks that a young family need as they venture about – unpacking, sorting, cleaning, thinking, repacking…

There’s not much time – is there ever enough time? – but somewhere in there I need to find time to recharge myself.  Mostly that is a hurried sandwich whilst the kids eat theirs, or mouthfuls eaten between strokes of the vacuum cleaner, but sometimes, very special sometimes,  I sit with my sandwich and a fresh (hot!) cup of tea and revel in the simple joy of silence.

Today I enjoyed a sandwich of left over roast pumpkin and sweet potato, fresh cucumber, spinach and avocado, and Gourmet at Home Balsamic Caramelised Onions.  Yummmm!!!


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