I love food, most if not all food, I have all my life.  I remember being happiest as a child when I was cooking – making things alone at younger ages than I would be comfortable letting my children do now.  Most were successes but there were also some spectacular failures – and somehow, despite my competitive nature, the failures didn’t seem to matter.  Perhaps that’s a sign of a true love of the process, not just the outcome.

So now, my life is food.  Food for my family and food for my work.  It’s a good thing I love it so much – but perhaps things would be different if that weren’t the case.

My love of food and exposure to the gourmet food industry led to me create a brand of caramelised onions and condiments – Gourmet at Home.  Established in 2008, the brand has been available through gourmet outlets, primarily in the south east corner of Queensland.

I grew up in a house built by small business, I was clothed, fed and educated by my father’s small business success.  I was taught to appreciate the value of someone’s hard work and that behind each and every little shop, brand or product you see is someone’s hard fought life story.  As a small business person dependent on other small business people, I am a supporter of the end to end supply chain. I am lucky enough to have business partners who share this view.

As such, for the first four years of business, we were adamant about only wholesaling to retailers and not selling direct to the public. Throughout this time we received consistent feedback from customers who had found our products at a trade show or who had been given them as gifts seeking an online outlet for our products as they were not able to source them via their local gourmet outlets.  Feedback from other producers also led us to believe that not having an online outlet for our products was doing our brand more harm than good.

We’re still big supporters of the supply chain – if you have a gourmet outlet in your area then we believe you should support them whereever you can. They can give you personal advice and offer tastings, things that online stores simply cannot do. However, many Australians don’t have a local gourmet outlet, and even more work hours that make visiting a traditional store simply impossible.

In our search for an appropriate online outlet, we were confronted by many stores which seem to be “portals” or marketplaces for producers – presenting as one shopfront – but in reality having orders fulfilled by different business in a seemingly piecemeal way.  This was not the experience we wanted for our online customers – we wanted to replicate the single point of service offered by your local gourmet outlet – but just offer it online.

And so, in late 2012, we developed Get Gourmet – your one-stop online gourmet shop.

Offering only our range of products would mean that freight costs for shipments would be unreasonably high, and so we ranged Get Gourmet with a selection of quality gourmet products that we love.

This blog is my way of channeling the general excitement I have about the products that we stock.  As I’ve said, I love food, but the reality of a busy life with small children and work is that cooking doesn’t get the time nor attention that I would normally like it to have.  But I do try to make interesting family meals that aren’t just “meat and 3 veg” and that have a little gourmet twist.  I try to use the products we sell myself whenever I can, and I blog about my successes (and failures!), plus my trials of recipe suggestions that come from suppliers.

I’d love to hear your opinions on any of the recipes or any suggestions you may have for me to try!


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